Resonant Frequency Devices

Resonant Frequency Devices

What are the different Resonant Frequency Devices?

Staying healthy and using innovative ways to keep us on top of ourselves is a growing trend for alternative medicine. It is known that hospitals are using a frequency device that helps in alleviating the pain of a patient.

Alternative medication does not have the approval of many, but there are tons of research and scientist-initiated findings that make some of us become believers. Health Products 2 offers a wide range of alternative medical devices such as resonant frequency devices from Zapper and Rife. We believe in scientifically-proven ways to kill diseases naturally and eliminate their harmful side effects.

Does Resonant Frequency devices really work?

Scientific research studies and experiential references confirm that frequency devices do work. Scientists have been working on using electrical fields in healing cancer cells for years. They have been investigating the effects and uses of high intensity focused ultrasound to kill tumors by using rapid heat. It may not have been proven yet using a large scale treatment, but clinical trials can take years and targeting a certain organism can be extremely difficult that is why innovative research and works are still taking place.

What is a Resonant Frequency?

The resonant frequency is a phenomenon used to shatter a glass using the sound of a human voice such as a high pitched shriek or similar to that effect. When a glass is tapped it releases a frequency that resonates naturally, so for a person to produce a shattering impact, it should match the resonant frequency with a vibrating sound and keeps increasing the loudness of their voice until the glass breaks.

How Does a Resonant Frequency Device work?

A frequency device or a resonator is a system where resonant behavior or resonance is exhibited. It oscillates frequencies naturally with higher amplitude called resonant frequencies. The oscillations that are produced by a resonator can be mechanical, acoustic, or electromagnetic. It generates specific waves of frequencies or select frequencies from a certain signal.

Instruments for music uses acoustic resonators to produce waves of sounds using specific tones. Another method is using a quartz crystal to produce a precise frequency of oscillation in electronic devices such as quartz watches and radio transmitters.

Is a Therapeutic Device a Resonator?

Yes, they are the same at certain levels. The scientists investigate what will happen to a cell or microorganism if the resonance phenomenon will be directed to it. The live cells and microorganisms exhibits properties similar to a liquid crystal, therefore scientists concluded that it is possible for a resonator to destroy it.

A therapeutic device that was invented by a physician from New Mexico, Dr. James Bare were used by the scientists to confirm their conclusions. The device uses a plasma antenna with on and off pulse, they explained that constant electricity pulse is important to produce heat and destroy the cell. Now, the challenge for them is to find the exact frequency needed to shatter a targeted living microorganism such as cancer cells.

We, at Health Products 2, make no claims as we are not medical professionals, yet we strive to provide you the best alternative health products available in the market today.

Resonant Frequency Devices
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Resonant Frequency Devices Resonant Frequency Devices